“Righteous Dopefiend” by Philippe Bourgois and  Jeffrey Schonberg “interweaves stunning black-and-white photographs with vivid dialogue, detailed field notes, and critical theoretical analysis. Its gripping narrative develops a cast of characters around the themes of violence, race relations, sexuality, family trauma, embodied suffering, social inequality, and power relations. The result is a dispassionate chronicle of survival, loss, caring, and hope rooted in the addicts’ determination to hang on for one more day and one more “fix” through a “moral economy of sharing” that precariously balances mutual solidarity and interpersonal betrayal.”


Parallel this portrayal with the current situation in Haiti. Recently, the U.S. DEA was under fire for a Panamanian flagged cargo-ship that made its way to a Haitian port.

According to the Miami Herald, “The sugar boat haul in April 2015 should have been exactly the kind of smuggling operation that DEA agents and Haiti’s narcotics police were prepared to take down.”



Haiti’s Penal Code



More on Heroin around the world:


Click to access caribbean_factsheet_heroin_2002.pdf

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