Did you know?:DiaperWars

Pampers v. Huggies. The intellectual property war over diaper patents that decided the success of the brands as we know them today. Accusations were thrown and lawsuits filed.

“Every single diaper patent was fair game litigation. Up first, in 1985, were elastic waistbands. Procter & Gamble claimed they’d invented them first. The case went before a jury.”

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The Diaper Wars by Audrey Quinn on Life of the Law.

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Did you know?: Cannabis Cash

“Although selling marijuana is now legal in 24 states and the District of Columbia, doing business as a legal marijuana company is a logistical nightmare. That’s because marijuana is still federally illegal, and banks open themselves up to potential seizure by the FDIC if they take money that is the result of a federally illegal act.”

Marijuana distributors are looking for safe places for their profits.

Some solutions have been banking compliance software or ditching the banks altogether for a new alternative in the American Indian Banking System.

Hypur, which was founded by a team of banking compliance and software entrepreneurs in 2014, has successfully helped about five banks in Colorado serve some cannabis businesses in the state.”

“Anthony Rivera, a Harvard Business School graduate who led the 1,940 members of the Acjachemen Nation in Southern California for nearly a decade, says native governments could legalize marijuana. His organization, CannaNative, is trying to link tribal leaders from the 566 sovereign American Indian nations with finance professionals and legal-marijuana businesses to use the expertise gained from decades of managing casinos. That way, he said, they can go where big institutions such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo & Co. fear to tread — banking the legal-pot industry’s estimated $3 billion in annual revenue.”

“The Indian casinos are basically small little banks,” Rivera said. “They receive deposits in the form of gaming, and they manage that cash in a way which is highly regulated with commissioners and regulators.”

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