A follow-up with Ms. Christelle Vaval

Curious about the average day in the life of an attorney in Haiti? Read below:


Ms. Vaval is an attorney with Le Cabinet Salès in Pétion-Ville. Her areas of expertise are Civil law, Contracts, International law, Business Law, Labor Law, and Intellectual Property.




I can say the average day on the job is from 9-5. Some people tend to stay longer, but it is really a question of organization and maximization of the work load. 

The latest that I have stayed is 8 PM. Or, because of the insecurity I work from home, particularly when I have to draft due diligence reports.

What is the market for Attorney’s in Haiti? 

There are a lot of lawyers in Haiti. However, considering that Haiti is a small community, people tend to deal with lawyers who are known or recommended. Considering that I didn’t have the chance to have a parent as a lawyer, I have to meet people in order to build my reputation. That’s one of the reasons why I am actively involved in chambers of commerce such as AMCHAM HAITI, Canadian-Haitian Chamber of Commerce, and at the international level in ICANN, IABA, etc.

I also pay attention to the quality of the service rendered so people can come back or refer me to others. For me customer service is as important in the legal field, as it is in retail stores or restaurants and I have realized that sometimes, Haitian lawyers don’t know that.

So the market is there, it is really a matter of standing out from the others.

It is also important to note that the legal profession is still a “machist” country where it is more difficult for a woman.

How often are you in court, if at all?

I have decided to focus my career on corporate law. I usually go to court for administrative purposes. For now, I am not interested in litigation.

Where is the best place to find information about what is happening in the legal community, such as a website? 

If there is a place. I can’t tell. I do not know of any website that provides information on the legal community. I know that the Bar of Port-au-Prince is working on its website but it is not finished yet.