International Environmental Law

“International environmental law is an ever-changing, constantly expanding, and intriguing topic for international legal research.

When decisions and collaborations occur between nations across international boundaries and treaties or agreements are made to cooperate for environmental concerns, disputes inevitably transpire because of trade implications for the respective nations, safety concerns and cleanliness of environmental resources among shared borders, or problems with enforcement mechanisms for liability under agreements or treaty provisions relating to the environment.

The vastness of this area of international law includes the environmental sub-issues of :



(3)global climate change,

(4)ozone depletion,

(5)preserving the Antarctic regions,

(6)movement of toxic and hazardous substances,

(7)land or vessel-based pollution,


(9)conservation of marine living resources,

(10)trans-boundary air and water pollution,

(11)desertification, and

(12) nuclear damage, among others. ”