Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles

“A longtime presidential adviser and administrative law professor has won approval from Haitian lawmakers to take full control of the country as prime minister, and lead Haiti to the election of its next president.

Lawmakers approved Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles’ general policy statement and new government during back-to-back confirmation hearings that began Thursday in the Senate and ended before sunrise on Good Friday in the Lower Chamber of Deputies.

The favorable votes in both chambers end one chapter of political uncertainty but open another, as it increasingly looks likely the country won’t be able to meet next month’s April 24 deadline to transfer power from an interim president to a democratically elected one.”

In his policy statement, Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles acknowledges the political frailties of Haiti but states his knowledge that there is a great promise for improvement.

He presents much respect to the people of Haiti and the Honorable Parliament. He touches on topics of the stability of the country, jobs, transparency, and bringing about the results of the February 5th elections.

Who is the honorable Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles?