UNIDROIT Internship


The UNIDROIT Secretariat no longer accepts applications for internships for the period February to July 2016.  For internships tenable as of the autumn 2016, you may send your application as of 1 June 2016.

Each year, UNIDROIT welcomes a limited number of interns to participate in the work of the Secretariat on one of the subjects on the Institute’s current Work Programme, or on work associated with other UNIDROIT instruments. Interns will generally be expected to conduct research on specific aspects of the chosen/assigned subject and/or to prepare concept notes.


Preference is given to candidates engaged in postgraduate legal studies (5 years +). It is recommended that, when applying for an internship, candidates indicate: (1) a research project that they will pursue on an independent basis in the UNIDROIT library, and (2) (the) area(s) of UNIDROIT’s work upon which they would like to collaborate with the Secretariat.

Applicants must have a good knowledge of both spoken and written English (knowledge of any other language is also appreciated).

The length of an internship is two or three consecutive months (excluding the month of August).

UNIDROIT internships are not remunerated. Interns are required to have adequate medical insurance coverage during their stay in Rome.

Individual applications (curriculum vitae and a letter of intent) should be sent to Ms Laura Tikanvaara: l.tikanvaara@unidroit.org

For institutional co-operation (with universities, research institutes, governmental entities etc.) please contact Ms Frédérique Mestre: f.mestre@unidroit.org