Property Law- Land Use and Urban Planning

“Developers, environmentalists, homeowners, interest groups and other political actors are constrained and empowered by a wide range of legal rules and institutions, which help determine the nature and structure of urban life.”

In the 60’s, Journalist Jane Jacobs published a book about urban planning without any formal education in the field. Her literature was very influential.

“Jane Jacobs’s 1961 classic, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, identifies four preconditions for the creation and preservation of vibrant, diverse cities: (1) high densities of population and activities; (2) mixtures of primary uses; (3) small-scale, pedestrian-friendly blocks and streets; and (4) retaining old buildings mixed in with new. These principles are directly at odds with the underlying presumptions of Euclidean zoning. Euclidean zoning and related subdivision regulations restrain density, separate primary uses, favor roadway designs based solely on traffic needs, and ignore the preservation of older buildings.”

For Caribbean Countries, there is the Inter-American Development Bank. In place since 1959, the bank provides loans, grants, and technical assistance and conducts research to achieve development in a sustainable, climate-friendly way.

“The IDB is committed to urban development and expanding access to housing in the region. Its fluid dialogue with national and municipal authorities, its track record of good practices and innovation, and its high multisector technical capacity, have afforded it privileged access to the region.”


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